The ideal loans, our types of Bank Loans

In bank loans there is a creditor and a debtor. The creditor grants the debtor a certain amount of money for a certain amount of time. The condition for the loan to be made is that when the debtor has to pay back the loan. In the initial loan contract, it is agreed to return

The different forms of consumer credit

The bank overdraft authorization must be accepted by your bank, only it can, when the balance of your account is not creditor, to authorize it. It thus makes it possible to cope with a debit on account, a shift in cash or an anticipated use of a cash flow that is expected. Bank Overdraft is

Consolidate loans -Lowest debt consolidation loans: approved online

Nowadays, signing credit obligations is extremely common. If we do not have a lot of cash, we usually decide to buy real estate or other high-value property. It is all kinds of loans that are most often the basic tool in achieving our biggest dreams. But what if we stagger and all our financial obligations

Credit Factoring: Cash Financing.

When a company encounters a cash flow problem, two solutions come to it. Increase working capital or reduce working capital requirements. Often, when the increase in the WCR results from specific operations, the entrepreneur chooses the first option. For this, he has the opportunity to turn to his bank and apply for credit mobilization of

Loan insurance – is it profitable?

In some cases, loans and credits are covered by compulsory insurance. However, sometimes it happens that banks and para-bank institutions offer us a number of voluntary insurance. Should we buy loan insurance if we can and do not have to buy a policy? The answer to this question is provided in this article. We invite

Example consumer credit – loan for consolidation of debts

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The loan relay: All know!

In the real estate sector, it is often difficult to finance a new purchase, especially when the first property has not yet been sold. Fortunately, there is the bridge loan to answer this problem. Indeed, the bank makes available to the borrower funds that the borrower will repay once the first sale is made. During

Cancellation of a part of debt

When we face a difficult financial situation, we often decide to take out a loan . Unfortunately, we don’t always manage to pay them back on time. What if we have debts and would like to pay them back as soon as possible? One of the available solutions, which enjoys considerable popularity, is an application

Loan agreement when reporting to the tax office?

Most loans that were granted by a person or institution other than an enterprise as part of the provision of financial services must be reported to the tax office. The obligation to notify results from the need to collect tax on civil law transactions from the loan. The tax rate is 2% of the loan

Crowdlending: Individuals lend to businesses.

Henceforth, traditional banks no longer have the monopoly of business loans in France. In recent years, the new crowdfunding methods of crowdfunding have been on the rise, thanks in particular to online fundraising platforms. Thus, according to the Association Financement participatif en France, project funding funds doubled in France in one year. An increase due