Medicare International: International Health Insurance Company

Medicare International was established in 1980, to focus exclusively on providing international health insurance for traveling expatriates. With a variety of customized solutions it is suitable to meet the expectations of individuals, families, groups and companies. Medicare International will always have a plan for you, whatever your specific needs.

20 years of experience in the sector have helped Medicare to better assess the needs of the constantly evolving market.

With a flexible product line that is expanding regularly, the international expat community has the quality assurance of their health care services anywhere in the world. Its global coverage can range from a regular appointment with your dentist to an elaborate maternity care program.

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By providing a series of comprehensive but flexible policies, Medicare proves to be always in touch with the high expectations of expatriates traveling.

His office is located in the UK but Medicare is immediately available through its 24-hour toll-free number. This gives customers the ability to make direct requests and get immediate answers at any time.

Quality of Medicare service

Quality of Medicare service

In addition to providing emergency assistance services, Medicare also helps in normal situations, or there is no danger in life. Their plans allow contractors to choose where they want to be treated for their medical conditions. The company also covers transport costs upon approval by the 24-hour Medicare support team.

Innovation has led the Medicare company to offer coverage against a range of chronic diseases. This novelty was well received by its policyholders.

From the operational point of view, Medicare ensures that all reimbursement requests can be resolved within 10 days by its assistance team, for the tranquility of its customers. The combination of the flexibility to decide when you want to receive treatment and the toll-free number for faster handling of reimbursement requests makes Medicare insurance customers very satisfied.